The first CCOF Certified Organic Pasture Land and Certified Humane ranch in California, Prather Ranch has been a leader in the farm-to-fork movement since before the movement even had a name.

The ranch’s longtime stewards, Jim and Mary Rickert, have won over a dozen awards and accolades for organic land management and animal husbandry. The sustainability and humane animal treatment practices established at the Prather Ranch have become the benchmark for premium cattle ranching across the US.

A closed herd since 1984, Prather Ranch beef genetics are a national treasure. The cattle have been selected and bred for tenderness, flavor, and marbling generation after generation. Whole carcasses are dry aged whole for up to three weeks after harvest, allowing a natural enzymatic breakdown that further develops flavor and tenderness.

Prather Ranch is a vertically integrated beef operation: the cows are born, pastured, finished, and slaughtered onsite at the ranch's Temple Garden inspired low stress serpentine abattoir.