Sher Wagyu

Sher Wagyu

Sher Wagyu
Ballan Victoria, Australia

Local sourcing is at the core of our mission. But occasionally we look beyond the bounty of the American West to source a truly unique eating experience.

Nick and Vicki Sher began calving Japanese Wagyu in Australia in 1991. In ‘95, they became the first foreign ranchers to export Wagyu crossbred cattle to Japan. Their Japanese fan base encouraged the Shers to pioneer the breeding of Wagyu x Holstein, the traditional Japanese F1.

The Shers manage all stages of the beef’s production from conception. The cattle are pasture fed for the first 18 months, and then gently transitioned to grain, and barley-finished.

Cream Co. is delighted to bring you this stunningly marbled, fine-grained steak that sacrifices no flavor for its classic Wagyu tenderness.

10% of Cream Co.’s Sher Wagyu steak sales are donated to the World Wildlife Found Bushfire Recovery Fund to support WWF’s efforts to recover and restore Australian wildlife and wildlands from the devastation wrought by the 2020 fire season.

Wagyu x Holstein