Heritage Spanish Black Turkey

Heritage Spanish Black Turkey

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One of the first American heritage breeds, the slow-growing Spanish Black Turkey was first recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1874. 

We love the body composition of these slow growing birds. They provide a much more flavorful and dark-meat centered eating experience, than a conventional fast-growing Broad Breasted turkey. Heritage breeders often go overboard, pushing their stock to a prehistoric build: dinosaur legs and next to no breast meat. Joyce Farms' Spanish Blacks boast a balanced composition and mix of dark and white meat. 

The birds are pasture raised on a handful of family farms across the Piedmont of North Carolina, developing natural muscle mass and real depth of flavor. They are hand processed at Joyce Farms and air chilled to preserve flavor, tenderness, and the perfect texture.

Spanish Blacks are a direct descendant of Mexican turkeys brought across the Atlantic in the 1500s. Named for their striking, inky plumage, the birds were bred for yield and flavor for two centuries before making their return to North America. In the colonies, they were crossed with Eastern wild turkeys and proliferated across the mid atlantic. Commercially viable through the early 20th century, like so many heritage breeds, Spanish Blacks fell out of favor with the industrialization of American farming. They are a threatened species today. Programs like Joyce Farms are rehabilitating their numbers.  

We've eaten a lot of turkey, and these are the finest we've found. We look forward to them bringing flavor to your table, whatever it looks like this year.

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Heritage Genetics Pasture Raised Slow Growing

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Joyce Farms

Joyce Farms focuses on the intersection of heritage genetics and sustainable farming. Founded in Winston-Salem, NC in 1962, Joyce Farms raises regenerative, sustainable, and natural meats via a network of family farms in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia.

Over the years, they've collected and curated an invaluable library of heritage genetics. Joyce Farms builds vertically integrated agricultural systems, investing in the long tail of their supply chains from genetics, breeding, and husbandry, all the way through to slaughter. Their focus on heritage poultry and game makes for a well rounded addition to the Cream Co. portofolio.