Heritage White Pheasant

Heritage White Pheasant

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The Joyce Farms' White Pheasant has been specially bred over the last 30 years to create an ideal eating experience. The heritage White Pheasant possesses exceptional flavor and a luxuriously firm texture. Raised on small family farms, this heritage breed is antibiotic, hormone, and growth stimulant free. 

Air-chilled Heritage Genetics Slow Growing

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Joyce Farms

Joyce Farms focuses on the intersection of heritage genetics and sustainable farming. Founded in Winston-Salem, NC in 1962, Joyce Farms raises regenerative, sustainable, and natural meats via a network of family farms in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia.

Over the years, they've collected and curated an invaluable library of heritage genetics. Joyce Farms builds vertically integrated agricultural systems, investing in the long tail of their supply chains from genetics, breeding, and husbandry, all the way through to slaughter. Their focus on heritage poultry and game makes for a well rounded addition to the Cream Co. portofolio.