Andouille or Don't Ya

Andouille or Don't Ya

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In our house, Mondays are for Red Beans & Rice. So of course we had to make an Andouille Sausage.

Our house Andouille starts with Non-GMO Klingeman Farms pork. Our grind combines traditional large chopped pork pieces with smooth ground pork. We leave extra flavorful large fat pockets throughout that play beautifully off our cajun spice blend. The links are naturally cased and smoked over hickory.

Natural Casing

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The Butchery
The Butchery

Oakland, CA

Preserving the art of whole animal utilization is core to our mission. We put every part of the animal to work. That means for every beautiful prime steak and chop we cut, we find a home for all the tasty trim.

At our East Oakland USDA cut and wrap facility we specialize in whole animal and primal dry aging, grinding and pattie making, marinating and tumbling, and preparing fresh sausage. We make our own bacons, hot dogs, and smoked sausages in collaboration with our longtime Non-GMO, Food Alliance Certified hog producer, Klingeman Farms, with our Smoke Shack partners in Washington.