Barley-Finished Filet Mignon

Barley-Finished Filet Mignon

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The tenderest of steaks, Filet Mignon, or Tenderloin Steak, is at once one of the most underrated and overhyped steaks. 

Filet is the crown jewel of many a steakhouse menu, yet many hardcore chefs dismiss the Filet for its lack of chew and fat (read: flavor) content. But sourced from well-fed, mature beef, and properly seared to temp, this sublime steak is worth the hype.

Our British Baldies beef is pasture raised and holistically finished. It is whole carcass dry-aged 14–21 days before being broken down into primals and steaks.

Each pack contains two 8 oz. Filet Mignon steaks.  

Barley-Finished Dry-Aged Sustainable

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British Baldies
British Baldies

We created the British Baldies standard to satiate our craving for an elevated, sustainable version of the archetypal grain-finished young steer. Well raised. Finished flavor. Harvested on site. Aged to perfection. 

Our British Baldies spend 12–16 months on open range pasture. As the cattle approach full size, they’re finished on a no-corn, no-soy barley-forward grain mix. The grains are slowly introduced into the steers’ diet to ensure an easy digestive transition from native range to grain. The animals have easy access to open pasture, fresh water, and shade throughout finishing. The finishing process takes 90-150 days.

Finally, the key to this beef’s fully developed flavor and exceptional performance is dry-aging the whole carcass 14–21 days. Hanging the carcass whole intensifies all the traits we look for in a young steer program—slowly breaking down the connective tissue of an already tender beast, shedding water weight, and concentrating intense flavor across all cuts. 

It’s a rare treat to enjoy grain-finished beef that's also 100% corn-free and soy–free. The British Baldies flavor profile is uniquely beefy—the richly marbled lean meat shines while still providing an unctuous full–flavored fat that caramelizes quickly without “greasing out” like corn and soy-finished beef.


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