The Family Bunker Box

The Family Bunker Box

$299 $299
Ships frozen
26 lb

The family that shelters in place together, stays together.

The Family Bunker Box is designed to fill your freezer with enough clean, healthy meat to see a household of four through two-three weeks, and maybe even teach you a few new tricks along the way.

Cream Co. works with small farms and artisan producers. The exact contents of each box are based upon availability, and sometimes a substitution is necessary.

A typical Family Bunker Box includes:

    • 2 Pasturebird Chickens

    • 2 Prime Steaks (Ribeye, New York, or Filet)

    • 2x Two-pack Bistro Steaks (Top Sirloin, Flat Iron, etc.)

    • 2x Two-pack Boneless Pork Chops

    • 4x 1 lb Cream Co. House-Ground Beef

    • 2x 1 lb Cream Co. House-Ground Pork

    • 2x 1 lb Cream Co. Beef Fajita Strips

    • 2x 12 oz Cream Co. or Journeyman Meat Co. Bacon

    • 2x 1 lb Cream Co. or Journeyman Meat Co. Fresh and/or smoked Sausage

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The Butchery
The Butchery

Cream Co. isn't a resale marketplace. We are first and foremost a whole animal butchery. We put every part of the animal to work. 

In 2018, we purchased our 15,000 sq. ft. USDA cut and wrap facility in East Oakland. As we grow, we continue to invest in our butchery, hiring some of the most talented butchers in the country and implementing state-of-the-art technologies alongside old world techniques. Early in 2020, we partnered with our longtime Non-GMO, Food Alliance Certified hog producer, Klingeman Farms, and a few others and began making our own bacons, hot dogs, and smoked sausages at our Smoke Shack.

Our in-house butchery capabilities include whole animal and primal dry aging, grinding and patty making, smoking and curing, marinating and tumbling, and preparing fresh sausage.