Pea & Barley-Fed Pork Bones

Pea & Barley-Fed Pork Bones

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Historically, American grocery stores have overlook delicious, nutritious, wildly versatile pork stock. No longer.

Make your own pork stock for for soups, curries, sauces, and sipping broth with an assortment of pork bones from Klingeman Farms. 

Cream Co. harvests bones from our in-house whole animal butchery program. We collect a variety of collagen, gelatin, and marrow-rich bones from throughout the carcass, and leave a healthy amount of meat on the bones to help build flavor for long rendors.


Corn & Soy-Free Food Alliance Certified Non-GMO Project Verified

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Klingeman Family Farms
Klingeman Family Farms

Klingeman Farms was the first Non-GMO Project Verified ranch, and the first US ranch to receive Food Alliance certification for sustainability and humane animal treatment.

We love these pigs for their explosive flavor. The meat has a brightness and natural acidity. Its longer grain delivers an incredible mouthfeel, akin to “white beef”.  

The key to the Klingeman Farms pork’s superior fat, flavor, and performance is a 100% corn and soy-free diet combined with generations of exacting genetic selection. The pigs are raised on Non-GMO Project Verified barley-rich mix of European fine grains, which yields a cleaner, harder fat cap than conventional corn and soy-finished pork. 

The pigs enjoy abundant open living space and fresh water. Hoop houses with fresh straw bedding provide shelter from the elements and predators.