Red Ranger Slow Growth Chicken

Red Ranger Slow Growth Chicken

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This is a big bird with colossal flavor. Known as Freedom Ranger Chickens - these slow-growing babies love to forage in pastures snacking on bugs, grains, and grasses. The combination of their lifestyle and slow-growth is what enables them to have such flavor and a nice balance of white and dark meat.

Grown at the Root Down Farm in Pescadero, CA - where sunny California days and plenty of room to roam create an idyllic farm setting. Root Down Farm is sustainable, regenerative and female-owned.

Pasture Raised Regenerative Slow Growing

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Root Down Farm
Root Down Farm
Located in Pescadero, California is a female-owned livestock operation. Pigs, ducks, turkeys and slow-growth chickens are pasture-raised under the sunny California sky. Living the good life, their days are spent roaming and rotating through the pastures eating grass, bugs and seeds. All animals from Root Down Farm are hormone-free. 

The farmers at Root Down pride themselves on their ability to integrate care for the animals with stewardship of the land.